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Reach wealthy individuals who all have sizable positions in the stock market. Most of them have multiple accounts and deal with two or more brokers. All these investors have been pre qualified for high net worth, high income, type of investment and minimum liquidity of 10-50K. They all seek and rely on professional advice to make their investment decisions on how to continually increase their wealth.

You may select by type of investor:

TYPE 1:       OTC / NASDAQ Speculative Investor
TYPE 2:       Big Board Investor
TYPE 3:       Mutual Fund, Bond Investor
TYPE 4:       Mortgage Files ($ 300,000+)

(most will have more than one type of investment)

Our leads are continuously cleaned and updated monthly in order to provide you with the cleanest, most accurate information possible on each investor.


We get new investor names in monthly and give a 180-day exclusive on each lead. We guarantee 100% that the leads are clean and unhammered.

Email (receive your order within 1 hour), 3"x5" Cards, Mailing Labels, 3.5" Diskette, ZIP Disk, 1600 PBI Mag Tape, Electronic Transfer or call for any other format.
  • MS Excel format (.xls)
  • ASCII Comma Delimited (.txt or .csv)
  • ASCII Tab Delimited (.txt)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
24 Hour delivery available upon request, UPS, AirBorne, FedEx.

1500 leads @ 18¢
3000 leads @ 11¢
5000 leads @ 9.5¢
10,000 leads @ 7¢
Over 10,000 leads
Call for pricing

For more information please contact:
Susie Gibson
Tel. 386-671-1222
Fax. 770-454-0058


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